With the growing number of active users and the appetite for video marketing, more and more people are posting on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and so on. However, only posting videos on social media platforms will not guarantee success. You have to invest much time and effort to create engaging content to maintain your audience.

Brands are increasingly using videos to promote themselves to their online community. It is all about posting the right content to increase shares, likes and subscriptions. Whether you are posting recipes or content videos, if you want to stand out from the crowd follow the guidelines below to ensure that your videos are generating maximum likes and expand your audience viewership

How-to-Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos consist of step by step videos to accomplish a task. For example, making a recipe, DIY, makeup or how to use an App. The choice is yours. To get full optimisation, drive traffic and grow your audience, you should make your video that revolves around a single topic.

It is important to choose the right keywords to increase your visibility in your selected niche. Your keywords will help you to construct the content of your video around your selected topic. Having a sound knowledge on SEO is also crucial if you want to increase your views. If you are short of ideas, feel free to surf on Instagram, Youtube or tik tok most liked videos to get an idea of how content creation is done.

Comedy videos

Humour is a universal language. Adding comedy to your videos will humanise your brand. Obviously it will all depend if it suits your content. However, humour has the power to be a thumb stopper as we have all at some time stop our scrolling to comedy videos for a good laugh.

To further humanise your video, do not hesitate to come on screen. All your videos do not necessarily need that you come forward. However, it is important that you put a face to your brand to increase connectivity with your audience.

Here are some tips for your comedy videos:

  •     Make videos on unexpected situations or reactions
  •     Break unexpected patterns
  •     Make related situation in a funny way

Narrative video content

Narrative videos are about telling a story through techniques such as storytelling. This technique is about narrating a sequence of events. However, the biggest challenge is about captivating your audiences’ attention through an on the point short video.

Examples would be sharing a success story or introducing a problem and how it can be solved through your products. You should take your time to write your script and remember that your video should provide value to your viewer else they will easily drop your video.

It is worth noting that viewers will always come back for more future videos if you provide for valuable content which will increase your views.

Questions and answers videos

To create more engagement and increase your views, it is important that you connect to your audience. As you will make videos and your audience will have questions, it is important to answer those questions to show your audience your genuine concern about them, which will in turn create loyalty and increase your percentage of views for future videos. This is considered as the most important marketing funnel.

Search for the most frequently asked questions and make a video about it. You can quote the person who asked the question, which in turn will create value.

If you are debuting in video making you might be confusing about how to make your content videos. The good news is that you can rely on third party softwares or apps. Instagram, YouTube and TiKTok are the most actual predominant social media platforms. TiKTok, being the latest trend, before starting click here for most liked tik tok video ever.