Undeniably, without artificial intelligence, the world would not have been where it is today. However, artificial intelligence has brought many advantages to the world population. 

However, when something is beneficial, some disadvantages lie behind it. Therefore in this regard, today, we compiled the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence below.



The Benefits


Faster Communication

Undoubtedly, with the help of the Internet and technological devices, it has become easier to communicate with anyone worldwide. Gone are all those days when we had to wait for the postman to come and deliver a letter from a close relative living abroad.

Additionally, it is less expensive to talk to people worldwide compared to the ancient times when we had to depend on the landline to communicate for a very minimum time, and the cost was expensive.

E-Learning is much Easier and Cost-Effective

Decades ago, people had to spend a lot of money to send their children to study abroad. However, with the existence of artificial intelligence, things are changing gradually in the educational field. E-learning is now becoming more popular and is allowing anyone to learn from the comfort of their home.

AI is Making the Medical Field More Reliable and Fast

Artificial intelligence is helping to make a better medical world. For instance, there are technological devices that can diagnose someone’s health condition quickly. Therefore, patients can receive faster treatment and save their lives.

Making the Lives of People More Comfortable

Nowadays, on almost all mobile phones, you can ask for virtual assistance. The best example is SIRI or Bixby. Busy people can bing their phone by saying, Hey Siri, what is the weather?. Siri will reply instantly.


The Drawbacks

Prey to Hackers and Scammers

Unfortunately, many hackers and scammers are waiting for people to fall prey to them via the Internet. People may use Artificial Intelligence as a tool. For example, you can receive phone calls where people change their voices and try to hack you. Therefore, it is advisable to be incredibly careful concerning using the Internet because of hackers and scammers.

Leads to Laziness and Health Problems

Before the existence of artificial intelligence, people were more physically active. Unfortunately, with the existence of technological devices, many people tend to spend a lot of time using them, and relying on them that will eventually lead to laziness and other health problems such as muscle strains or eyesight issues.

Risk of Unemployment

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence helps companies to work quickly. However, in the long term, many companies will begin to rely on AI devices. Therefore, it may lead to unemployment for many people worldwide. This situation may become a massive crisis in the long term.

It is Incredibly Expensive

Not everybody can afford any Artificial Intelligence support because it cost a huge. Suppose you want to purchase an AI industrial robot. In that case, you will need a minimum of $60,000 in your pocket. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence is an excellent invention but, it is not affordable for everyone worldwide.