Artificial Intelligence, in short term A.I is to create machines which can function intelligently and independently like a human brain or human body. The machine learning process consists of feeding the machine with lots of data before it can learn. Creation of Artificial Intelligence machines is through algorithm methods. The original characteristics of A.I are to program computers that can use different languages, can accumulate tons of worldwide data and those who are problem solvers. Artificial Intelligence improves on its own in the long-term. Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have any distractions, restraining or feeling the need to sleep, unlike humans.


It was John McCarthy, who was an American computer scientist who discovered the basis of Artificial Intelligence in 1955. In today’s modern world, every two-minute data is created. That is why A.I has escalated in such a way that even robots are now real. But not to be confused, the Artificial Intelligence machine does not only revolve around robots. Have you ever verbally asked the famous Siri, the artificial robot something through your phone? Siri is an Artificial Intelligence creation as well as Alexa. There’s also Tesla, the car which has self-drive features. Who would ever think that one day there will be self-driven cars? Well, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is simple to understand. All you need are good examples to describe it. Now you know what to reply in simple words if someone asks you what Artificial Intelligence means.